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How Can Concert Band and Marching Band Experience Help Pay for College Expense?

Dear Parents and Students,

Do you know what prevents many High School students from getting a college degree? 

It’s not grades.  It’s not test scores.  It’s not lack of extracurricular activities.  It’s MONEY.  You can have the best grades, best test scores, and involved in everything but if you have no money, you can’t go to college.  Sure there are scholarships and loans but who wants fill out all those forms, go to interviews, get letters of recommendations and spend years paying those loans back? 

The remedy?  Join the Concert and Marching Bands.  Many colleges give tuition waivers and pay for their students to be in their bands.  Don’t believe it?  Go search the internet yourself.  Better yet, see Mr. Carlos and enroll in the Band Program.  To get to the college band, you need to get through the high school band first.

Please feel free to download our Concert Band and Marching Band pdf handbook, Read a 2006 article by Mr. Carlos to the Lahaina News and a November 2007 article by Reuters on why music lessons pay off in higher earning. If you have any questions for us, please e-mail at or Contact Myron Carlos at 662-4000 extension 313.


Luna Marching Band Handbook (requires Adobe Reader)

Lahainaluna High School Concert Band Handbook

2006 Article to the Lahaina News

2007 Reuters Article






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